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Hello Everyone  :)

I recently got a great deal on a used Flir E60 from Ebay. It is an old MK1 model (E60 0.10) with a 490XXXXX serial number.

I would like to upgrade it to an E60+ by turning off the noise generator and maybe adding some additional menu functions. However, my cam came with the latest (2.27.16) firmware installed. As far as I know, no one has ever attempted to hack the cam with this firmware version, I only know of the 2.23.14 version. Who knows what Flir has added into their latest firmware that prevents hacking.

Could someone please share the 2.23 Firmware with me? I have found some download links on the forum here, but they are all expired sadly.

Thank you in advance!


The upgrade to the Exx series cameras is much simpler than the latest Ex series upgrades that have to deal with FLIR anti upgrade measures.

The reason you are not seeing details of a Exx series 2.27.16 FW upgrade is because no one wants to risk using that newer firmware in case it cannot be upgraded and there may be no way back to the older firmware. In your case, you are already at firmware 2.27.16 so there is nothing to lose in attempting the upgrade. Remember, in these cameras you are only changing entries in the configuration files and not modifying the actual firmware file set  :-+

To see whether you can upgrade your camera to E60+ specification you just need to follow the guide for upgrading the Exx series cameras and see if the configuration files are still accessible and have the same content as the older firmware. If all looks the same then proceed to download a backup of the camera firmware and begin editing the configuration files. Once the files have been updated and the CRC checksum calculated, replace the old configuration file with the new one on the camera. If the camera does not like what it finds in the configuration file, it will default to its factory configuration file and you will lose some features until the original configuration file or corrected new configuration file is installed. The most common issue is people not getting the CRC calculation process right so the configuration file is seen by the firmware as corrupt and invalid, so ignored.

With regard to what FLIR MAY have done in the new firmware to prevent the upgrade, look at the E4 upgrade thread (Not the E4 WiFi version thread) and the version 2.1 onwards firmware countermeasures. You will soon know if FLIR have added countermeasures to the later Exx firmware as you will not be able to complete  the standard upgrade process and will have to stay with the original configuration files fir the unit to operate normally.

I can supply the earlier firmware from my archive but I am not sure how you will persuade the camera to load an older version of firmware as FLIR may have taken steps to prevent firmware reversion. One trick was to change the firmware files identity to make it appear newer than the installed firmware. In your case it could be modified to 2.28.14 to fool the update validity checker. Reverting firmware to an older version does carry a risk so be sure you want to take that oath before trying it. The installation of any firmware image can carry the risk of bricking the camera. Modifying configuration files is far safer as the changes are easily reversed without messing with the firmware critical file set.

Hope this helps


I have just sent you a link to the Exx series V 2.23.14 firmware on my Google Drive.


Great to see more users of the EXX thermal imagers!

I'll try helping if there's any questions, but was quite a few years ago since I updated mine.
If the update fails due to firmware preventions, you'd still have a great thermal imager as it's already at E60 specc!

Thank you all for your quick replies and your help  :)

@Fraser: Thanks for sending me the firmware! I was not aware that it is not straightforward to downgrade the firmware.

It seems that Flir indeed took some measures, I can't even connect to the E60 sadly. 

I did exactly as described in this post:

I installed the RNDIS Drivers and FileZilla. When I try to connect via FileZilla to the E60 I always get a connection timeout after 20s and the connection fails. I also get a little blue popup window on the bottom right corner of my screen telling me failed to configure ThermaCam.

I also tried out a different PC (both have Windows 10), but I get exactly the same issue also. If I look into the network settings the E60 has the IP but not But I think thats an autoconfigured IP since the E60 hasn't communicated with the PC yet. I can't connect to either.

I am not sure about what else I could try, maybe I should just live with the additional noise, how much of a difference does it actually make?

Edit: I just got it running, I forgot the additional Flir device drivers. The noise really is noticeably better  :D Thank you again for your help!



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