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Flir Ex with 2.11 and RNDIS mode


I have a Flir E6. I switched it into RNDIS mode and checked the ports with nmap.
nmap found the following active ports:
  21: FTP
  23: Telnet
  80: HTTP
 139: netbios
 443: https
 445: smb
22136: ? (appcore)
22176: ? (AppServices)
22177: ? (Resmon)

     67:  DHCP
22100: ? (AppServices)

What is on the ports 22176/22177/22100? Is it uPnp?

I use port 23 with Telnet to get access to the Command line.

the other ports looks interesting, i maybe look later at it...

and the FLIRInstallNet.exe can be used to set install a FW or send commands, it has a basic telnet console.


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