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Flir Exx 490xxx MK1 (Non MSX) - Presets and palettes? *SOLVED*

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--- Quote from: Bud on January 30, 2023, 03:36:46 pm ---I'd think because the stock camera resolution and artificial noise is poor, compressed jpg would not make any difference.

--- End quote ---
Do you think it influences the ultramax's end quality?
I mean storing individual frames at 85vs100 quality

JPEG discussion can get very technical. Does a more compressed file carry less image information? Yes. Would you notice just by looking at it? Maybe not. Does it matter if you are extracting information from, or image editing on, the .jpg file? Probably...

If you want to check the compression of your .jpg files you can feed them to this website:

It's the one I used to check my preset was working.


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