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Flir Exx 490xxx MK1 (Non MSX) - Presets and palettes? *SOLVED*

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** EDIT **
Worked it out. See later post

Does anyone know how to get presets and extra palettes working?

Re Presets,
I have enabled the menu item (see photo) but it is not populated with choices. I have a folder of presets from a later model and have tried putting this folder in all possible folders/subfolders to see if the unit recognises it, but with no luck. I have tried with a different number of presets in the folder and renaming the folder. I've also tried putting the preset files in various folders, again without sucess. Anyone had better luck?

Re extra Palettes,
I found that the individual files need to be placed in the '/FlashFS/system' folder, where they will be recognised by the unit and displayed as a choice in the palette menu. (see photo) HOWEVER Althought the Palette can be chosen and will display correctly, the name of the Palette in the menu is always prefixed by '$' and suffixed by '.pal'. Also, the menu box expands to the number of Palettes it finds, but should you add more than 3 palettes, you cannot force the display to scroll down to the 'out of sight' palettes at the bottom of the list (or to the 'Invert palette' option). I think that maybe there is a programatic limit on palettes?

Any help will be gratefully received. I believe the various Ex series hack(s) involve files not present on the Exx series.

I'm on an old software: 1.24.16, so without any good suggestions, I'm thinking of upgrading to 2.27.16 (The latest for MK1s) which will hopefully offer more functionality. That software is reported not to affect any user changes to files.

Here go to page 8 of the e60 upgrade thread
The files you want to use (if you modify them to your camera) or just read and copy them to your modified files are Fraser's 2nd entry with his finalized files as he tried turning things on but if they simply did not work he turned them back off. Perhaps read page 7-8 and maybe 10.


Thank you. I did read and follow what other people have done, but I couldn't find anyone with an Exx MK1 who explicitly said they had presets and extra palletes working, so I appreciate this is a pushing the envelope kind of question. (I recall Fraser didn't get presets working)

To try and work it out, I went through the forum and downloaded about 5 sets of files that people had used (including Fraser's), bulk 'compared' them and made a 'master file' with all possible settings. Most files were not very different, except for one that I think maybe wasn't for the MK1 Exx series. I haven't got a disassembler for WinCE, so I also resorted to extracting text strings from the system .exe and .dll files to see if there were any clues. I then true/falsed, non zero valued various entries, eventually renaming files and directories to values hinted by the system files (hopefully in an organised way!). That's what I've done so far without success. Its entirely possible however I've missed something obvious :o!

I'm thinking that there's maybe a non-intuitive setting I've not got right, or a 'if you have this you can't have that' setting I've not understood... However, I also noticed a text string in common_dll.dll: 'Requested feature was omitted at compile time', which is why I think I might just need a later software. Have you got either working in a MK1?

I had a couple MK1's for a few years but sold all of them and only kept a MK2


recap:  New Palette files need to be placed in the '\FlashFS\system' folder

To get the extra pallete files to show the correct name in the Menu/Palettes option, you need to:

EDIT: \Flashfs\system\ui.d\tml\languages\strings.en.xml (Not CRC protected)

           <value>NAME OF ADDED PALETTE</value>

NOTE: There are ten spaces and a Line Feed after </data>.


--- Code: --- <data id="rainhc.pal">
<value>Rainbow HC</value>
--- End code ---

This persists over a cold boot.

*** BE AWARE ***
I just updated my firmware (1.24.16 > 1.43.23) and strings.en.xml was replaced. Not a problem, but I had to re-edit the file. Couldn't drag and drop the old one back in, as the new file contained quite a few new entries.


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