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FLIR F series F324 Surveillance Camera featuing a TAU 320x240 core


Got my hands on this huge pile of ancient technology recently

but somehow i cannot access the web server.
it has a static ip which also gets found by an ip scanner software and wireshark
apparently with a http server on port 80 but it loads forever
even the flir DNA network discovery software cant find it, and when entering the ip manually i loads for a long time and says access denied.
cant seem to find a way to reset it, theres a button on the inside but it doesnt do anything.
does anyone have an idea how to fix this thing?
its huge and unpractical but its complete
but i may rip out the TAU and repurpose it somewhere else.  no need to have a 40cm long heavy housing for it

on the back of the tau, theres this 50 to 30pin adapter board:

apparently with a photon pinout

apparently the firmware is corrupted, no way to recover without special knowledge.
also i dont like the huge housing for a 5x5x5cm cam.

so i ripped it apart and needed a adaptor for it to be usable on its own.
as a bonus i scored a 32g germanium window from it, thats worth 90 bucks just in metal!

luckily. the TAU to Photon adaptor on the back accepts 5 to 28v and outputs a PAL or NTSC signal, also 3.3V uart for control. so no big deal interfacing with it.
ideally i would use the digital video out but the microcontrollers im familiar with are too slow for it.

there was some diy adaptors on ebay with a arduino on it, but ridiculously overpriced so i made my own
once it arrives and works, ill make it a public project in case anyone wants to repurpose theirs

Adapter works!
gerber and bom can be found here
video output is sitting at 3.3v and needs a 75ohm video input or terminator to work.
serial is 3.3v but may accept 5v by zener diode clamping
voltage input is as the photon board specifies.  id keep it in the  6 to 24v range.


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