Author Topic: FLIR H Series Camera (HS HM TS) Hot Shoe Video & Charging adapter - stock in UK  (Read 2243 times)

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Just in case anyone is looking for a replacement or spare Hot Shoe for their H series camera, now or in the future......

The HS/HM/TS Hot Shoe is now discontinued by FLIR as a spare part. I searched Europe for one and all dealers I contacted reported that they order them direct from FLIR on an as needed basis. I tried ordering through that route and the part was never despatched from FLIR. The order was cancelled after some months of waiting. It appears FLIR have no remaining stock.

Now the good news. I tracked down the last remaining stock of these Hot Shoes in the UK. I am now the holder of all that stock. I have just 3 spare Hot Shoes and they are available to buy from me, but sadly they will not be cheap. Obsolete items rarely are ! They are possibly the only stock to be found in Europe.

If you need one. PM me and we can discuss price and postage.

11 March 2017
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Isn't it just like 4 pins out? Hopefully someone will be able to figure out the pinout from the bottom of the camera.

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That is what I thought as well. Take a look at my teardown of the shoe in the H series repair thread. Ir contains a PCB with masses of filtering and a 'charge complete' detection circuit. The video output and power input are both transient protected.

I was going to build a Hot Shoe myself using my 3D printer. This was out of desperation due to the difficulty in finding one in Europe.

The cost in time to make a neat solution was going to be far greater than the retail price but I could not get my hands on one ! The USA price is $50 each. For a FLIR accessory that is surprisingly cheap. Take a look at the FLIR power supply prices.... crazy expensive for what they are.

I was so pleased to find these Hot Shoes. I did a deal with a FLIR agent to buy them plus a load of other FLIR accessories that appealed to me.

I also have the FLIR MS224 and saw that a chap has created a 3D 'Hot Shoe' for that model. FLIR never made such available for the MS/PS series :( The chap is asking quite a high price for the custom shoe but then it likely took him a long time to design with all its complex curves etc.

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I have a Hot Shoe. Unfortunately, I don't have a power adapter. Can this power supply be powered by ordinary DC power supply? What is the voltage?

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