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I have this camera with some weird symptoms.
When I boot up the camera, image is cristal clear and temperature readings are acurate.
After 3 minutes, in the bottom rigth corner, some purpule stripes start to be visible in the screen, after some more time they get really visible. Within this time, temperature scale is also going up in small increments. If I boot the E5, facing my hand temp is 37º degrees, after 5 minutes this temp is going up slowlly to about 50º, and I am still pointing to my hand.

Could this be fixeble.... or is it hardware related?

I see that this camera could be upgraded, is this correct?

Best regards

Do you hear shutter working? Does image pause periodically?

Yes it does... when that happens it say´s calibrating.


Is that part of the screen getting hotter? Could be that the screen is getting heated from behind by a failed part.

E5 was very dirty inside and outside. This was bougth at eBay.
I dissassembled it and was fully cleaned (defect was allready there). This camera Will help me in my every day electronics repair... I also do BGA repair.
Didnt see any PCB component that had suffered from critical heat to the point of causing LCD malfunction.
This camera was previouslly opened.... And I tought that those strippes were fingerprint left on the sensor, but I check every thing under the microscope and no fingerprint left on the sensor or the camera lents.


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