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FLIR I50 with empty \FlashFS


Hi. I recently bought a non-working flir i50 for less than $50 (lol). Filezilla showed several broken files in the \system directory, so I installed the total commander on the device, and then loaded the Windows CE GUI and formatted \FlashFS. After that I had the opportunity to install the firmware 2.19.1 from the official site using FlirInstallNet and the device started to boot. However, the firmware installed in this way lacks many files, for example, the \system\maps directory is empty, \system\prodresult.rsc is missing too. Thus it turned out that in the absence of calibration files, the device cannot boot normally. I also cannot create new calibration files, the "cases" in the service menu are empty. Therefore, I very much ask someone from the owners of flir ixx/bxx series to copy the contents of the system directory and upload it to the dropbox. Thanks in advance :)


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