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Flir i60 latest firmware - Where to get ?

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Have taken apart dozens of these before - part of a company calibration check and refurb plan. Some screws are hidden behind the label that goes around the lens. It's a plastic label so fairly durable.


--- Quote from: Fraser on May 30, 2023, 09:50:27 am ---I find it surprising that the cameras design makes the RTC battery so complex to change.
--- End quote ---

Me too.
"Today" I´ll get a plastic tweezer and try to insert the new battery, if this won´t work, I´ll disassemble the rest of the cam.
A complete disassembling just for changing a battery... |O


--- Quote from: Fraser on May 29, 2023, 10:40:09 pm ---it would appear that the i50 may be upgraded to 240 x 240 pixels

--- End quote ---
Really? The top model i60 is only 180x180...

There's a Bx0 series looks identical to ix0, are they also hackable?

"Only" ?!  ;)

I made it ! Without disassembling everything, but it was hard, very hard...
Checked it, remove the accu, put it back, turned on...Date&Time remains.


 :-+ :-+


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