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FLIR LEPTON 2 cores on eBay UK at the moment £80 (New)

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I just stumbled upon someone selling a load of FLIR LEPTON 2 cores on eBay UK. It has an FOV of 50 Degrees. No integral FFC shutter though.

The seller is asking £80 each for these units and describes them as new.

I have no connection with the seller.


What makes you think they are Lepton 2's ?


Neither LEPTON 1 nor 3 are available retail ;)

LEPTON 1 - Prototype only. Not released
LEPTON 2 - 80 X 60 pixel. Used in FLIR One first. Available retail.
LEPTON 3 - 160 X 120 pixel. Used in FLIR One Generation 2 first. Not available retail

The seller is offering 80x60 LEPTON 2's. :)


Am I getting senile - what was the Lepton 1?
My guess is these are harvested from old Mk.1 Flir Ones

FLIR never released the LEPTON 1. Their first public release was LEPTON 2. I have no tech spec on the LEPTON 1 sadly. It would not be unusual to name the prototype as the LEPTON 1 though.

Maybe harvested units as you say, he sure has a lot of them though. Defunct project maybe ? He claims they are new.



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