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FLIR Micron A10 160 x 120 hiding in ‘disguise’ bought for $100 :)

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I have uploaded the Omega Core GUI here for anyone to download.....

Remember, it will likely need WinXP as the platform on which it is run. Observe correct signal polarity and amplitude when connecting to the Omega Core. It is NOT standard RS232 levels !


Hi,I have msa 5200 and 5600 and cores are identical with photon cores inside the flir sr 19 cameras. I  will swap them and have a play. Sr core have 320 resolution. My Sr cores have shutter actuator failed. Any ideas where from can I get parts?

MickVA, I reintegrated my core with a broken FFC shutter actuator in a custom shroud that reads off the drive signal for the shutter and flips another motor to an endstop.

hello Fraser, I am looking for the software for a indigo omega core, the file hosting site which you used appears to no longer have the file available:( I have just procured the last of the parts needed to hook up my core via rs232 but I am not having any luck finding a download for what the user manual is calling the (micron/a10 control panel software), I believe that's what I need. I have the Indigo omega core, I believe its is the 160x120 resolution model, I just need the software to use it on my pc, I have a machine running xp that I use for legacy equipment, which I would assume would work with that era of software. I would greatly appreciate any help with finding this software, thank you!

I will look in my software archive for you :)



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