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FLIR Micron A10 160 x 120 hiding in ‘disguise’ bought for $100 :)

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Link to the file on my Google Drive sent via PM


I just got my Indigo Omega today, it seems to have a few problems...
The most annoying one is the picture have a warm halo, that is, it become brighter and more difficult to see things towards the edges.
It don't correct with NUC, and it's not changing with different lens, and it's not perfectly centered.
if I put my hand in front of the sensor while NUC, it makes a difference. (Why?)
Any idea what cause this?

I saw similar issue before on a TAU2 and my Fluke IR-insight, although I didn't test the hand-in-front on them.

Other problems are:
The NUC motor frame and gear is slightly broken, it burst out a loud noise(gear slides sound) every NUC. Which indicates the unit might be dropped. But this does not affect the correct NUC action.
The GUI cannot connect to the camera, I'm using 3.3v TTL which works on TAU, what's OMEGA's logic level?

Just to add here, MSA 4100 seems also use this Indigo core (guessed from GUI).


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