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Flir One 2G does not connect to phone ... communication error?


edit: changed subject as weak battery is not the reason for fault - I think ...

Bought a Flir One for Android (second generation) and micro-USB in 2016 and used it with pleasure but rarely. Despite regular recharging, it now only runs for about 5-10 minutes, but at least it runs. I think.

I can switch it on, the calibration bezel clicks, the LED in the switch-on button first lights up yellow and then flashes green briefly, this goes on until it switches off. But I can't get a connection to a mobile phone or tablet. A new app doesn't report anything, my old app version 2.2.4, which I have been using until today, either requires the Flir One to be connected to a power supply or it crashes without an error message. A few days ago I had a function for a short time, now nothing works.

Once opened, the battery was basically full and remained above 3.9 volts even after several minutes. I didn't find any voltage peaks that would indicate a weak battery with high internal resistance with the oscilloscope.

Due to the runtime, there is of course reason to replace the battery, but I have had the short runtime for two years and the camera was still usable.

Connected to the PC, it complains about an unexpectedly functioning USB device, nothing shows up in the device manager either. So I suspect a problem in the communication. edit: I get error messages in that style when a cable fault occurs, e.g. moving data cable in device sockets, or if a device just plugged in does "say" something to the computer but does not answer to a request.

Options for action? Ideas for tests?

Checking hardware levels? with a scope of only 100MHz?
Could this be a solder problem? I read a lot about reballing CPUs on FLIR cams (far away from my capabilities).

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