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FLIR One connection to iPad Pro 2021

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Lucky enough to get hold of an iPad Pro 2021 version. I'd like to use it with my FLIR One that I currently use on an older iPhone, but the Flir One uses a Lightning connector while the iPad has a USB-C Thunderbird 4 connector.  Flir website suggests the latest iPads with USB-C/Thunderbird are unsupported for Flir One. Apple specs say the iPad port will support charging, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt 3 (up to 40 Gbps), USB 4 (up to 40 Gbps) and USB 3.1 Gen 2 (up to 10 Gbps). Wondering whether anyone's been down this track and found adapters/cables capable of supporting Flir One connection? Looks like it would need a male USB-C to female Lightning adapter.

Have you asked Apple support about using a lightning accessory with your Tablet ? From what I have read, the USB-C port on these tablets has all sorts of caveats associated with it when it comes to attaching accessories. I suspect Apple will know whether a USB-C to lightning adapter is feasible. It is often possible to find weird adapters on eBay but some are only for charging or are basically junk that does not work. An example would be the passive FireWire to USB adapters that are not intended to convert USB to FireWire or vice-versa but appear to be for that purpose from their advertising. You do not want to kill your new toys USB-C port experimenting  ;)

You are right to ask if anyone has experience of this situation but I still advise asking Apple for comment. If they decline to help….. we’ll that is Apple for you  :-DD. I am typing this on an iPad Air2 so not anti Apple per-se but they do have a bit of a reputation for taking the proprietary, least 3rd party accessory friendly path in their product designs.

Apple: expensive and highly proprietary.
FLIR: expensive and highly proprietary.

Must be compatible, no?



I’ll try Apple but given their propensity to let users rely on self-help to sort out common bugs/problems don’t expect much. Will try FLIR too though their website seems to have nothing re USB-C iPads. I suspect these two will prove incompatible - at least for direct connection.


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