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Flir One for Android, No UK stock ??

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Anyone know why no-one seems to have any stock of the Flir One (Android) in the UK ?
 Current RS waiting time for stock is June. I have been trying to get one since December.
I have emailed Flir to ask but have been ignored. Great service Flir.

even in the usa from the website, its 2-3 week wait time, apparently its super popular and thus very short supply.
Invest a little more and buy the Therm-App. much better qualty. They give also provide great support.

FLIR seem to be having a lot of trouble meeting the demand for the F1G2. I am aware that FLIR set up a dedicated consumer thermal camera division, separate from their prosumer and industrial divisions. They were suffering teething troubles on the customer service front and I had to go to the General Manager and VP in order to get a replacement F1G2. He ended up dealing with the matter personally. That is correct, The VP of FLIR dealt with me directly and provided a solution to my replacement camera supply problem.

Please do not judge FLIR as a whole company on just their consumer division. I can assure you they are a very good company but they seem to be having some issues with their new consumer products supply chain and support staff. FLIR were surprised by the success of the F1G2 so I would hope they are trying to ramp up production as quickly as possible.

You could try writing to Bill Terre GM and VP, as he is a really nice guy who could not have been more helpful.

In the F1G2 box, Bill invites contact via this email address.....

I know that he will want to know that you received no response from FLIR Customer Services as he takes that seriously. I had the same lack of response from them in my case and he was not amused.

An interview with Bill.......

As others have stated, the F1G2 will not produce the quality of images available from the Therm App or Thermal Expert, but then it was not designed to and is at the lowest budget price point with all that such means. If you can afford it, the Therm App and Thermal Experts are very nice cameras that will likely not disappoint. It all depends on what you want from a thermal camera and your budget limitations.


I wonder if they are trying to get rid of all the 80x60 leptons before they start a mass roll out of the 160x120 ones used in the F1G2?
It seems they are sticking them in just about every non-thermal product they offer.


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