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For those unaware, FLIR produced some official USB adapters for the FLIR ONE G2 Android. These were used to connect to phones that had the USB connector in an orientation that positioned the camera in the wrong direction, or where the USB connection needed to be extended out of a protection case on the phone. FLIR chose to offer these free of Charge ! Not too shabby my thinks. I have not found another adapter that is so compact from other sources.

I recently had need to reverse the direction of my F1G2 on a new host phone. I visited the FLIR F1G2 support page to see about buying the adapters. The Q & A section stated that FLIR are still offering the adapters upon application. They were free of charge  :-+

I submitted a request for the adapter to reverse the orientation. I was half expecting to hear that it was no longer available but I was very pleasantly surprised.

Today I receive a FedEx parcel containing both the USB orientation reversal adapter and the extender that I had not even asked for. It had been shipped to me in the UK from the USA. That must have cost FLIR a pretty penny and they provided the adapters free of charge or postage fee. I know some forum members have an issue with FLIR but this is an example of where they have placed a high priority on customer support and satisfaction. They get top marks from me  :)

So if you need these adapters, now, or for future use, claim them now before they are discontinued.

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That's a giant box for 2 adapters. Shipping couldn't have been cheap.

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I ordered my flirone online and it came with a reverse and extention adapter.

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