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Flir One Gen 3 how disassembly (red light)?

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Hi, after about 1.5 year I charge flir one gen 3 (not pro), use it then start charge second time, but only red light and nothing.

I search internet but can't search how it's disassembly, maybe some one knows?

The F1G3 has two screws holding its case together. They are located at each end of the casing but hidden under covers that you can pop off. No glue is used. I will add a picture in a moment.

Good luck repairing your unit. I also have one that just displays a red led and these can be real pigs to repair.


A picture showing the screw cover removed from one end of the camera. Another cover and screw are located at the opposite end of the case.

The case parts then slide apart.


Thanks for quick replay  :-+ I have not pro version, I will search something like covers on pro tomorrow and then replay!

For the non-Pro Flir One gen 3, you need to lift the sticker, unfortunately.


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