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FLIR One Gen2 failure investigation + FULL RESET method by Fraser

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I have just knowingly bought a faulty F1G2 Android that has the 'lights on, nobody home' failure symptom. I bought it in order to investigate what causes this apparently quite common failure.

When the camera arrives, hopefully this week, I will dismantle it and carry out some basic checks. Sadly I am not in a position to meddle with the ARM processor configuration, so if that is corrupted it will be 'game over'. If the problem is a discrete component or physical failure I may be able to shed some light on the matter.

At worst I will learn more about the F1G2 Android and I will have a spares donor with a nice LEPTON 3 on it.

The daft thing is that I could likely sell the tested LEPTON 3 on ebay for more than I paid or the whole faulty camera ! I wonder how much FLIR are asking for a Lepton 3 these days ?

I will also be able to experiment with the LEPTON 3 lens system without risking either of my my working F1G2 units Lepton's as well. The position of the FFC shutter is a bit inconvenient but that can be overcome. Bill W may be doing some experimentation with the optics as well. I have some very nice mini Germanium optical blocks to play with :)

I will update this thread as and when I have any news. No promises  though as the F1G2 does not strike me as the most repairable of thermal cameras.


Cool. Looking forward to the repair, etc., Fraser.

Bill W:
From my experiments, the most likely cause is the Lepton becoming unseated.  Had that a lot.

Another could be using an extension lead.  This is why I have not posted lately  |O as most USB extension leads are not useful.  Most are set up for OTG while the F1G2 needs either all 5 wires or not OTG pin grounded.  I ended up buying the bits and making my own after 3 dud purchases and slicing the 3rd one apart to investigate.


Hi Bill,

Thanks for that useful information  :-+

I will be receiving the faulty camera tomorrow. I will check the LEPTON for good seating in its holder.

I suspect these cameras get dropped, which could cause parts to pop out of holders etc.


I had considered an extension lead, but hadn't looked into it yet. Thanks for that heads up, Bill.


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