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Flir One Gen3 with charging issues


EVV newby here  ^-^

My F1G3 suddenly stopped working. It refuses to charge.
After disassembling, and reconnecting the battery, it came to life but with a flat battery.
I ordered a new battery, hooked it up and after some reset attempts it came to life, and also works :)
However, battery at 36%, and as soon as I plug in any USB-C cable, it just shuts down without warning, nor does it charge. No LED, nothing. All dark.
I tried the trick of connecting a USB source and holding the power button for 2 minutes, but nothing seems to be happening...

What could I try (next)?

nobody?  :-[

Are there any PCB spots I could measure for voltage or anything to determine what's wrong?


OK battery itself (empty): 3.64 V, connected with USB
measure between 1 and 3: 2.56V
measure between 1 and 2: 2.5 V
measure between 2 and 3: 3.45V

without the battery:
measure between 1 and 3: 3.49V

with battery without USB:
measure between 2 and 3: 3.46V

On the USB, 5.16V is incoming.
When I connect the USB, the LED blinks once after exactly 10 seconds.

Is there any other trouble shooting I can do?

A lot of people in the Amazon reviews for this one responded with similar issues. There are even ones that are several years old. Not sure why the manufacturer doesn't take this issue seriously.


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