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FLIR One on Amazon $179 (iOS and Android)

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That appears to have been a super quick flash sale. I managed to buy one just in time. Now I need to send the one I bought on Saturday for full price back.

EDIT: It actually appears to be only one per person. So when you look back after making the purchase it changes back to full price. The sale price is still on!

Many thanks

Amazon UK seen to have a prime day deal of £149 for the iOS version only at the moment. Android one is back up to £199. These deals don't last long!

Mine showed up today, wow it's small, compared to the FLIR ONE Gen 1 I had.  Pleased with the thermal images thus far, can absolutely see the improvements.  Am disappointed there is no software option to disable MSX.  Wish we had a iOS version of that impressive Android application by Georg.

Indeed MSX can be disabled with some hackery, head nod and thanks to Fraser for the fix and FLIR for turning off the visible camera in low light situations.  Finger over the visible light camera produces noise as gain increases and translucent tape is hit or miss.  Electrical tape double layer through a single hole puncher works great; MSX disabled.

So, interestingly enough, the Flir ONE application attempts to overlay an MSX image to the thermal image with the camera gain turned all the way up.  This washes out the thermal image and produces some edge detect artifacts.  The Flir Tools application does not exhibit this behavior.  Looks like a software bug.

Edit:  The behavior described above is on iOS


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