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Yes, it will work with 5C. You will need a thin 5C back and do a little modification to it. The bottom 1/2 of the back needs to be thined with sandpaper so the lightning connector will line up properly. You will also need to cut in the round hole near the top of the back, and thin it down also. Sandpaper and a utility knife are all the tools you need.

Bought my Flir One last September, and performed the above mods. I am upgraded to the latest firmware and software and it works great.


My Flir One V2 order was cancelled ... I'm the only one or they are late with the product?


--- Quote from: mimmus78 on August 22, 2015, 11:28:34 pm ---My Flir One V2 order was cancelled ... I'm the only one or they are late with the product?

--- End quote ---
They are certainly very late. My Amazon order is showing Sep 9 - Oct 5 with One Day shipping.


--- Quote from: Howardlong on July 02, 2015, 11:45:22 am ---I picked up one of these recently taking advantage of the deep reductions now the newer unit is out and the out of box experience has been painful. It was shipped with firmware 1.08 and the application store had the 2.01 app.

Needless to say it was flakey to say the least, it would lose connectivity very frequently, and I seemed to need to switch off the unit, disconnect it and reconnect before switching on again to reestablish connection.

The app showed that 1.09 firmware (not 1.08) was available so I installed that, but there was no improvement other than I could now charge the phone through the Flir one.

I checked again immediately after installing 1.09 and it showed 1.11 was available so I tried to install that but it said that I needed more than 50% battery, which made no sense as both phone and Flir were showing fully charged.

--- End quote ---

Just a note for others that are now buying this first version cheap or used.
Mine also said it needed more then 50% battery for the 1.0.11 firmware. Just plug in the charger, close the app, relaunch the app and try again. It worked for me. No need to drain the battery all the way and recharge.

Also I have mine running with the latest iPod Touch (6th Generation) that has the same 64bit processors as the iPhone 5/5S. It fits in the case good. The flash works as a light, no need to modify the case for the flash and is working good.


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