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Flir One Pro 3rd Gen (USB-C) no Power 😥
« on: May 23, 2020, 08:00:08 pm »

I am new and hope someone could help me out with my problem. I bought for curiosity a faulty Flir One Pro (USB-C). The device shows no operation at all, no lights after trying to switch on neither a light after plugging in the charging cable. So I opened the device an checked battery voltage. It was just 3.2 volts. I charged it up with an external charger and tried it again.

Unfortunately this doesn't helped. If I plug in the charging cable I just get ~50 mA. When I hold down the power button for several seconds it jumps up to  around ~370mA. But that's it! Nothing more. Maybe someone has experience with this device and could give me some ideas for more debugging?

Maybe the suspect is the BQ24295 chip? While holding down the power button and getting around 400mA the chip gets warmer, not sure if it could prevent the device from turning on?

Thanks for any help in advance!

// edit

I hae found this video on youtube:

It is unfortunately in russian, but it seems to be a similar issue. Maybe someone knows, what they have exactly done?

- Markus, with greetings from germany.
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