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I thought it might be a good idea to collect together the passwords that are used in connection with FLIR Cameras.

The best known login and password combination on the forum is likely that used to gain access to the FLIR E4 for upgrading it via an IP link and FTP transfer.

If we could please create a new post for each Login - Password combination to avoid confusion. Please detail which camera it is applicable to, and for what purpose. I will kick it off with the ones I know.

Thank you


Camera : Ex series, Exx series ... many others !

Purpose : Accessing camera files via FTP over IP

Login : flir

Password : 3vlig

Additional Notes: None

Camera: FLIR One Gen 2 and Gen 3

Purpose : Accessing camera via the serial port

Login : root

Password : indigo

Additional Notes :

Serial Port pinout is : GND TX RX (see attached image)
Serial Port Configuration : 115200 Baud

Attribution: Information provided by forum member : tmbinc

Camera : Not defined but includes early Exx series

Purpose : Unlocking the EEPROM from the service menu

Login : flir

Password : 1235

Additional Notes : Tread carefully if modifying the eeprom contents !

Camera : Not defined but several camera models are known to use this

Purpose : Accessing Camera files via FTP over IP

Login : flir

Password : IRCAM

Additional Notes : None


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