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FLIR T4325ZS 320x240 25Hz PTZ cheap on eBay UK

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Takes under 1 amp at 24V

 Supurb. Thanks.

There are plenty of step-up voltage converters on eBay and suchlike. Just make sure you choose one rated at least twice the power the camera needs. eBay watts are at least twice the size of engineering watts.

A 50W converter will be fine. Within reason there's no major downside to having a converter rated at more than you need, but using one that's even fractionally too small is a recipe for pain.

Thanks for that- both of you.
Ive fallen foul of the ebay watt befpre with a 200w solar panel that was no bigger than a shert of A4 paper.🥴

I ordered a 12-24 step up 10amp 72w converter.
Given what you say it should hopefully be adequate bit i can test when it arrives to see what it actually is.

Thought id update this.
Camera arrived, and its been hooked up to a monitor to test. Looks good.
I bought a ptz control keyboard and it took a day to figure out how to get the two talking but it works. The instructions for the keyboard were all in symbols so many youtube videos later i stumbled across a video that connected a ptz direct to keyboard and a keyboard the same as mine. It worked.

Flir do say they have their own gui but its not available anymore due to being discontinued. They called it the flir cloud client and it allowed you to access the camera settings over pc. I found a link hidden in the flir underworld away from the prodyct pages to something called lorax cloud which is essentially the same but for the life of me cant get it to connect to the camera via LAN cable which is supposed to auto detect.

So i just have the keyboard.
For that you have pan and tilt. Zoom doesnt work and you cant change colours or do anything else.

I have asked flir for more information regarding functionality and how i can find a compromise as i dont want to have to set up an entire pc lab to be able to access all the needed, basic functions like pan tilt zoom and colour pallete. So far getting help from them has been rarer than hens teeth.

Ive seen push button controllersfor zoom and colour
 being advertised here for the flir photon and have to say that having such a functionality for this camera combined with the ptz joystick would be excellent. Its well outside of my capabilities though.


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