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FLIR T4325ZS 320x240 25Hz PTZ cheap on eBay UK

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At long last I have gotten round to getting out my TCX camera, giving it volts and connecting it to the local area network so that I can share some images.

Here's a view of the camera and supplied mount propped up on some shelves in my workroom, plus a view from the camera when I temporarily hung it out of an upstairs window. For scale, the red X would be about 100m away if it was actually nailed to that building. People moving around are perfectly visible at that distance although they don't come out too well in stills. I estimate you'd see people at up to about 200m.

Video looks quite highly processed, though there are all sorts of tweaks you can do via a browser in the (quite comprehensive) user interface.

I'm pretty certain the native resolution of the camera is 320x240, although the streaming software would have you believe it's actually 640x512.

I have had it running successfully on one of the Arbor tablets (Win XP) from Fraser using the browser K-melion (no, I hadn't heard of it either, but it came up when I searched for a more-modern browser for XP).

And, since so many of you didn't ask, here's a shot of the UI running on the Arbor tablet in its chunky docking unit.

I don't know why it has such a bright pinkish light on the dock and I haven't yet found out how to switch it off. My guess is that it provided some ambient light when the tablet was in use by a patient's bedside - but it switches off the moment you shut down the tablet or remove it from its cradle. And it's not a 'battery charging' light either.

I might have to resort to reading the manual  :scared:

That is absolutely a QVGA image, way too fuzzy to be VGA.


--- Quote from: ArsenioDev on August 03, 2021, 06:05:30 pm ---That is absolutely a QVGA image, way too fuzzy to be VGA.

--- End quote ---

The real joke is that the camera streams it at 1280x1024.

w...why? that's painful


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