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FLIR T4325ZS 320x240 25Hz PTZ cheap on eBay UK

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Almost as bad as those field scopes that upscale 320x240 or even 640x480 / 512 onto an 800x600 OLED.

But not as bad as the manufacturer (who shall remain nameless) who downscales a 1024x768 sensor onto a display of just 800x480...

The penalty we have to pay for a pixel based display system rather than ‘gud ol’ anlog’ raster scan systems  ;D

I remember my first LCD computer monitor and was horrified at the blurry display until I read the manual and realised that my computers resolution should be set to the LCD panels native resolution. I was used to CRT monitors just auto adjusting to different video card output resolutions with no apparent issues. Relying on an LCD monitors ‘auto adjustment’ compatibility modes creates some pretty nasty results when the source and panel pixels counts are not directly scalable. I heard that some 4K TV’s make a real mess of SD images whereas HD 1080 TV’s manage a decent scaling of SD. Pixels, Pixels, Pixels…… it is all about the pixels  ;D

Oddly, my 4k TV seems to give a remarkably good picture on normal, 720p, 1080p and 4k material. Much better than its predecessor, which was supposedly full HD but which actually had a slightly-less-than-HD panel (I think it may have been 1680x1050), meaning that nothing lined up, horizontal or vertical, leading to horribly soft pictures.

Before I discovered that Marketing's idea of "Full HD" didn't necessarily mean 1920x1080, I spent endless frustrating hours trying to get a pixel-perfect display out of a Raspberry Pi (back when they were new). It was a lost cause.

hi all
anyone know what camera core is inside one of these


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