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FLIR T4325ZS 320x240 25Hz PTZ cheap on eBay UK

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There have been a few T4325ZS PTZ cameras on eBay (UK) recently from different sellers, seemingly concentrated around the Leeds / Rotherham area. They are on sale at about £650, which is a bargain. I managed to get one for significantly less than that because it was up for auction and nobody else bid!

What I received was a brand new, factory sealed box with a very nice T4325ZS (320 x 240, 25Hz) thermal camera with integrated pan/tilt mount, cables and so on - it even included rawlbolts for mounting to a wall. The cameras work as IP, analogue or MPX (don't know what that is - can anyone help?) and take Pelco D commands.

I cannot vouch for any of the sellers but I can confirm that the cameras do exist because I've now got one. I believe FLIR has discontinued them, but given that the original list price was in the region of US$4,000, even paying £650 is a bargain and several have changed hands nearer the £400 mark. That is an absolute steal.

When time permits I will post some photos and screendumps etc, but it's not likely to be for a few days at least.

Can't argue that it's a good price even at 650, if I didn't already have some CCTV cores then I'd be interested myself (my highest priority is to get a decent radiometric core).

The "MPX" thing is an awful halfway step along the path from SD analogue CCTV to HD IP cameras - it is an analogue HD resolution composite video signal, I believe with some cable equalisation based on high frequency content (i.e. it guesses, and often gets it wrong). I've worked with the similar "HDTVI" and it deserves to die in a fire from what I saw.

Ah I was watching that to see how much it'd go for and apparently, not a lot! Will see what happens to the current listings and see if they drop any more.

Hi, have you managed to get some photos of this yet?
Im interested in getting one to work as cctv overlooking our smallholding. Weve had equipment stolen and cctv cameras installed on each of our buildings vandalised, so are looking into getting something that we can use and mount on the house which allows us to cover the entire area. Will this pick up people from a distance or does it only do close in work?

One listing claims it will work with a standard ptz controller- is this plug and play or will i need computer language skills? 


Hi Happyhalf

Unfortunately I haven't yet had the opportunity to do much with the camera apart from confirm that it works. Picture quality looks good, on the basis of what I saw. The camera assembly is about the size of a football and came with a wall mount.

I don't have any experience with PTZ but from what I've heard it's simply a matter of connecting two wires between the controller and camera. It's one of those rare cases when technology from lots of different companies is interoperable and 'just works'.

Without knowing details of your location I can't specifically advise on range and so on but if it's any help here's a test I did as few years ago with a generally comparable camera. The FLIR has a 19mm lens so is roughly equivalent to the bottom row of images. Please only look at the at relative sizes of the person at 10 paces and 100 paces; other aspects of the image quality are not directly comparable. In particular, the image contrast is substantially worse than you'd expect to see from the FLIR PTZ camera.

If you click on the images you'll go to a page that describes the test in much more detail, and have access to the original high resolution images.


You may also find this informative. The 19mm-lens camera image was dropped over a phone camera image at exactly the right size to show the relative field of view. Again, click through for more info.

I just realised I made those images some seven years ago. Time flies!


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