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FLIR T440bx hacking - custom application for Ex/Exx/Txxx cameras, UltraMax

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*polite cough*

Hi Ice-Tea,

Sorry.... week from hell here :(

OK, I found the power supply and charging dock. Pictures to follow later as I am away from home today.

Looking back on my purchase records, it owes me 120 Euro’s but I will accept 80 Euro’s plus shipping.

The power supply and dock look to be brand new, unused.


Lovely, provided shipping is reasonable this would be nice  :-+

First the good news... I had identified the storage box containing the PSU and a desk charging dock. Tonight I managed to reach it and remove the two little FLIR boxes. The PSU is the correct one with the special connector. Sadly the desk dock is not the one I was looking for :( I have an idea where the desk dock may be and will access that area of my garage at the weekend. The trouble with having too much kit is I can never find what I am looking for quickly :(

Pictures of the PSU attached. The four country specific connectors are present as can be seen.


So, does it make sense for you to part with the PSU?


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