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FLIR TG165-X, figgered out ghosting, now pointer temp off


I bought a FLIR TG165-X about 18 months ago, it finally paid off by easily finding a shorting MOSFET on a computer motherboard. Anyway, it had this annoying ghost image to the left of what you are aiming at and finally got around to googling how to fix it. Below is the fix from an Amazon review.

"Access image adjustment, access MSX menu and then press the center button again until it shows MSX ON at the top with up down arrow. If you press the up down arrow (rubber keys) at this point, the image will adjust horizontally. Once it’s aligned to your satisfaction for the normal distance you will use it for, press the center button again. And that is it If your image is ghosting vertically, the unit is faulty according to the manufacturer."

So, adjusted it and whoopie! No more ghosting, however... Now the cross hairs that you aim to get a temp reading is now way off. The temperature reading is now directly below about 1/3 of the screen down. For example, if you aim the cross hairs at a red hot ball bearing, it reads normal room temp but if you aim the cross hairs 1/3 of the screen below the ball bearing, it shows the hot bearing temp. Tried to find an adjustment solution on the interweb but no luck. Is anyone aware of an adjustment for this? I went with FLIR brand hoping to get a well built tool, is it too much to ask to have it properly calibrated out of the box? |O


Bill W:
TG165 is not a pure 'thermal camera' it is a IR thermometer with a thermal imager 'guide'.
The thermal image is not doing the measurement.

As such you have an alignment /  parallax problem between the spot temperature measurement device and the imaging side.

With this model there is the visual / thermal image alignment too, which is sounds like you have had to fix, and broken the other


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