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FLIR Tools for Mac - and similar softwares for Mac OS


I have been searching every corner of the internet for FLIR Tools 2.1 for Mac OS, but its nowhere to be found. It is discontinued by FLIR so not available on their website anymore. But one would think that somebody or some websites still has it for download?

Does anybody know where it can be downloaded from, or maybe have a copy to make available for download?

Also, what other similar free programs are there for Mac? It seems there is not a whole lot?

Thanks in advance.

Just contact FLIR customer services and ask for it :)

They have supplied me with obsolete software dating back to the early 2000’s


I have already asked FLIR about getting a copy of FLIR Tools for Mac, unfortunately they just told me that its discontinued and that I should look at their Windows Software instead.
So no top notch customer service at FLIR, at least that has been my experience with them.

If somebody has a copy on their computer which they would like to share I would really appreciate it.


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