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Flir tools on PC not shows all files



I have flir one g2, I am working with thermal camera + and flir tools.
From some reason the flir tools on my android (LG g3) show all the images in the FLIR folder, but not on Windows.

When copying FLIR folder to the pc, only small part of the files shows up in the FLIR tools windows version.
Also I can see that flir.db file is not updating when I am taking new photos, but again, on the android all files show up and everything is working.
Any idea what is wrong?



I now see that all the new msx files are appears with zero bytes in the files system. on the android too, when connected to the pc.
this is strange, I can see them on the android device, but when copy them, they are zero bytes, also when checking size on the android (from the pc) they appears zero bytes, even that I see the image on the android. The old msx files are with regular size... looks like its permission issue, cause if I am sending them by mail or whats app the image is in regular size...
So why suddenly this happened?

The problem seems to be an issue between Windows and your phone.
Try to deinstall the phone device when it's connected (windows device manager). Then disconnect the phone, reboot your PC and reconnect the phone after the boot is finished. The device will be installed again.

If this doesn't help there might be a limitation for copying unknown (MSX) file types. May be you can change this (behavior) in the device drivers advanced settiing - if this option exists at all.


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