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Flir1 G2 lens experiments

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This is a first generation BMW NV camera lens.
The original lepton lens can be returned. It has a thread.

Thanks, newex.  Very interesting.  I found the following clip.

BMW Night Vision and Security Codes

Audi night vision thermal imaging camera teardown

Autoliv NV2 Nightvision Camera teardown

Autoliv NV2 on Raspberry Pi

Bill W:
Bit of a pause while fitting another lens mount, and the micro USB connector has given up on me.  Also as you can see looks like some dust needs cleaning out.

So just a couple of teaser photos before things fell apart..... same scene as usual


Bill W:
So the mechanics of the latest setup, with a 75mm f/0/8 lens in place ....

This is the lens and mount from a pevicon tube camera, the P4430.  Dual threadform for several lens types / sizes.  the inner is the 'standard' Wreathall mount where the lens is screwed in and has its' own focus

The outer coarse thread is an EEV special where the lens is simply rotated to focus on this square section double start thread - as otherwise the lens was so big it came outside the camera case size.


Bill W:
Now the thermal images.
With this lens the field of view is around 1 degree.  Aiming it is pretty tricky even when you know what you should be seeing !


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