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Flir1 G2 lens experiments

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Bill W:

--- Quote from: Fraser on December 13, 2021, 07:23:01 pm ---I wonder what this lens would provide in terms of FOV on a tiny Lepton Core. It was a long range observation lens working into a 320 x 240 pixel microbolometer that uses 50um pixels  >:D

I have not even got around to powering these cameras so no idea of lens specification, except that they are BIG !  :-DD


--- End quote ---

Simple - you have a narrowing of just over 4x from the pixel pitch and 2x from the smaller sensor.  then some small angle (un)approximation stuff going on. 9% of the original field of view.

If it was a microbolometer I fancy it is an f/1 lens - or not far off.  So might well be another 150mm F/L ? = 0.55 °
If it was a cooled sensor then the lens is going to be nearer f/4 - putting the F/L up to 600mm   :scared: =  0.14°



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