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Flir1 G2 lens experiments

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Bill W:
A 'frankenstein' camera is alive !  This took a F1G2 module and the idea is to be able to fit various alternative lenses that I have to the F1G2.

The lens plate is a prototype routed PCB that carries a connector for the USB from the F1G2, took a couple of goes to get the right hole spacings and pillar heights.  Ground has had to be done by soldered wire - the F1G2 USB connector is only 4 pins and no ground, ground is via a spring finger of all stupidity  :--

Anyway it is now quite solid and the phone can be remoted down the USB cable.

Still to look at a better battery setup, really down to how well I can connect instead of the awful connector that FLIR used but this serves for now, 

Also the camera tripod mount is upside down  :palm:


Bill W:
View with original FLIR lens, but focussed correctly.

These are about 44 degrees horizontally, based on fl of 1.2mm

Bill W:
Now a 4.3mm Ge / ZnS lens at f/1.1

These are about 20 degrees horizontally

Bill W:
Now the 6.3mm f/1, all Ge

These are about 14 degrees horizontally

Bill W:
Finally for now the 8.6mm f/1 all Ge triplet

These are about 10 degrees horizontally


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