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Hello, how can I repair the broken chip under my Fluke TI10?

That TMS320 processor contains Flash,OTP Memory, Boot memory and security defences. If those areas of the IC contain Fluke data, you will not be able to buy a new IC from Digikey or Mouser and repair the camera by fitting it. This is likely a “Return to FLUKE” job and they will charge for a complete PCB plus programming and calibration. Sadly this will be expensive.

I have an open Ti10. It is not recognizing the SD card. I didn't notice any broken solders on the card socket. I think the customer formatted the card on a PC. Maybe you deleted some original Fluke files from the card. As it is out of line, Fluke will hardly support it.

You can try copying the boot sector from a working camera SD card using one of the disk editor software tools onto the failed card. This trick worked for Flir E4 cam.

Just try another common photographic type SD card. Make sure it is a small capacity as these cameras may not recognise modern high capacity cards. The SD card does not need Fluke files to be used in the Ti10 as it is just the saved picture repository.



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