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Has anyone had any joy modifying Fluke Thermal Imaging Cameras? I've currently got a TiS20 in front of me, which has a similar sort of setup to FLIR, however they use Linux instead of Windows CE. When connected via USB it is assigned an IP address of and a default server IP of If I plug that into Chrome, it takes me a page which says: "You aren't allowed here!" which leads me to believe that it may be possible to gain access into the onboard files (they must exist as the camera has onboard memory, which you cannot access unless you use their software. Any ideas how I could investigate further? I'm not an expert in this area!

I've managed to download the source files from the camera, but I have no idea what I'm looking at. Lots of .patch files and src.tar.gz files! Don't know anything about Linux!

src.tar.gz are compressed source files... depending on your OS there is out there also a 'unzip' tool for the linux zipped files.

That's the easy part... but if you understand the source is written in another book  ;)

Decompress obvious archives like .tar and .gz first. When you find binaries / unknowns, use binwalk.

I'd love to see a teardown of a Fluke camera.


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