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Bill W:

--- Quote from: Razvan_N on October 06, 2022, 05:59:58 am ---Do you think this camera would be useful for my scope? Industrial machines, overheating bearings, motors, that kind of stuff?
Mostly in the ropeway industry. I believe I would be able to see a slightly warm sheave bearing on a tower (from the maintenance
platform near the sheave assembly), but what about overheating motors and so on?

Do you have experience with electrical things that would function normally above 100 deg Celsius? Because I won't be able to tell
if they work properly or are overheated.

--- End quote ---

'For pennies' worth a punt.

It is a fairly narrow field (23° horizontal) 320x240 camera:

You need to do the maths on whether the objects you want to look at will fill a couple of pixels from the distance you are at.
If so, then you would likely notice 'the left one is hotter than the right one', but I would not rely on measurements in absolute terms.  You are looking at slightly shiny metals outdoors so emissivity comes in significantly.

There are electrical things that work over 100°C.... cookers and kettles  :-DD
(sorry could not resit that one  ;D    )

Hello, I also encountered the same problem with my Fluke TI55, and also tried to replace the system board card to judge the system card protection. There is nothing wrong with the SD card  :-//

Does TiR4 have an internal battery? Something like CR2032 to keep the clock running?

According to FLUKE, the TIR4 uses a battery backed real time clock so you are dealing with a battery, rather than a super-capacitor, but exactly what type and mounting is not known to me.

Some RTC backup batteries are Primary cells (normally a Lithium cell) but others are Secondary cells (normally Ni-Mh or rechargeable Lithium) charged by the host whilst in use. Be careful not to replace a rechargeable Lithium cell with a non rechargeable type. Check the cell type using the data sheet.


Can anybody provide the files on the Ti55 internal SD card, please?
I tried the ones from Ti45 posted here but it is stuck at the splash screen.
all power supplies and oscillators (there are many!) are good and I see activity on memory pins...

edit: the LogicPD CPU card and the whole digital board of the camera are exactly identical to
the pictures from Ti45 and TiR3 that were posted here on eevblog


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