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I solved now the power supply issues on my Ti45 thermal camera.  :D :D

But now I need the content of the "internal SD-card" to boot the system up.

( I got the camera without the SD-card ..... |O  )

Can somebody please help here ???


I believe I have the files somewhere from when I had to replace a blown tantalum capacitor. Let me have a look. I assume it's for the SD card in the image attached?

I have attached what I think are the files I took off that internal SD card. This was back in 2015, so I don't know if this is all of the files. It is from a TiR3 I fixed.

Did this work?

Hi Chanc3

First of all  BIG THANKS for your help.    :) :)
I just copied the files on a SD-Drive an tired it on my Hardware.

unfortunately it did not work,.....

Do you possibly know if I should see any  "boot activity on the screen" without the SD-Card.
Do I need a WIN-CE image on the SD-Card ???

Would be great if somebody can answer !

KR  Max


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