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FPA temperature in FLIR Duo/Vue/etc
« on: May 11, 2020, 01:16:41 pm »
Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to read the FPA temperature in any of the Tau2-derived cameras like the Duo or Vue? I'm currently doing some work which involves a secondary calibration on top of the default (which drifts a lot, despite the onboard radiometry). Normally we'd do this by monitoring the FPA temperature and correcting for the change in sensitivity as it heats up - you can do this in the Tau2 or the Boson quite easily over serial. However, in the more integrated cameras, while you can get FFF metadata out with Exiftool, there doesn't seem to be anything in the header that records temperature and despite looking in a hex editor I can't see anything obvious there. I realise that it's entirely possible that it simply hasn't been implemented in Exiftool as we've had to reverse-engineer the format from random header files provided by FLIR...

Since the SEQ files these cameras produce actually store the raw counts, not radiometric images (you have to apply the Planck equation based on the camera's calibration coefficients), I would guess they're essentially operating in TLinear mode? Seems odd that they wouldn't also provide the temperature of the camera anywhere.

I had a quick search and couldn't see anything obvious on here either, I guess it's quite a niche request.


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