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Frasers' collection - Two new acquisitions :) - Halo & X380


For those interested in professional thermal imaging camera systems, I have two additions to my collection.

The first acquisition is a camera that I have known about for some time but did not expect to find on the used market. It is the Halo Thermal Imaging (was SoloTI) "HALO" helmet mounted thermal imaging camera. This is a self contained thermal camera system that mounts on the side of a Firefighters helmet. The camera sees what the Firefighter sees and presents the thermal domain scene to the wearer via a 2.5" OLED monitor that is mounted on an articulated arm. The Firefighter positions the monitor where most convenient. There is an issue with this cameras design however as it relies upon the wearer having close focus eyesight. Anyone unable to focus on the close proximity monitor is unlikely to find the "HALO" useable !

The "HALO" is an interesting Firefighting camera that was born from an idea that was proposed years before the technology existed to bring it to market in an acceptable size. Once thermal imaging core miniaturisation matured, the HALO design was born. First there was the "HALO Fire" in 2013 and then the more compact "HALO" model in 2015. HALO Thermal Imaging sadly went out of business in 2020 so the HALO camera is effectively dead. It is interesting to note that the HALO helmet mounted camera has very little presence on the internet. I have yet to find proof that the HALO was ever available to purchase. The unit that I have acquired may have been a Demo unit or test sample. The the camera was announced in 2015 but then the Halo Thermal Imaging web page was updated with a deliberately blurred HALO camera image and a statement that the new model would be available soon. In 2017 the same page stated the new model would be released in 2018. Nothing more appears on the web page since to indicate that the new model was ever released for sale.

The second acquisition is an ISG-Infrasys X380 conventional 'pistol grip' format firefighting camera. This camera is the stablemate of the ISG-Infrasys E380 that I already own. The two cameras use the same excellent ISG-Infrasys developed thermal imaging core. This core provides excellent thermal sensitivity and clean imagery. These ISG-Infrasys E and X series cameras are professional imaging tools for firefighting so the build quality is excellent.

Both of these new acquisitions were unexpected but I have long wanted an example of a modern helmet mounted firefighting thermal camera and the X380 is an excellent camera that appeared at the right price for an Ex Demo kit in great condition  :-+


Both cameras have now arrived  :-+

The X380 is a little more ‘used’ than expected and does have a slight screen flicker that I will need to investigate. A partial refund was negotiated with the seller so I kept it. The HALO looks ‘as new’ so was clearly not used by the fire brigade from which it was purchased. It is complete with all its documentation, which is nice to have. I will likely write a post on he HALO and it’s design in the future. Even after just initial testing, I find the design seriously flawed. Whoever thought sticking a monitor out on a ‘stalk’ in front of the user was a good idea needed some sound advice from end users ! In my opinion, the same comment applies to the cameras that use a monocular over the users eye. A HUD, or at least a VR glasses system out of the normal viewing area is what is needed.

The X380 will undergo refurbishment and I may document that in the forum.


Fraser, if you need spare display assy I have one kickin around my lab.

Thanks  :-+

I am hopeful it is just a power rail issue but further investigation is needed.



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