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Cheers, the debug version seems to open the images automagically now, didn't need to change any settings and the problem is fixed :)


--- Quote from: joe-c on June 20, 2020, 09:44:40 pm ---
yes, the HIT-301 and also PureThermal cameras are not supported...

the reason is simple, i have no camera of this type to play with.

--- End quote ---

Hi there,

It seems the HT-201 works with the Thermovision.

HT-201 Test Upgrade Top Wärmebildkamera mit 15FPS am PC! Thermal Camera



--- Quote from: joe-c on November 14, 2021, 10:45:31 pm ---I remember issues with some Seek cameras because they have an offset for the whole sensor.

--- End quote ---
As far as we see in WinUSB and TC_SeekThermal.dll, we consider the offset fine. Yet the picture is terrible.
By the way, some years ago you said, that you have the plan of making your program open source. So could we probably look to your source codes? We would be grateful for this, because it looks like we make only a little error, but this bug makes terrible results.

I have a Seek Compact Pro, which generally works fine. However, I am unclear on how to use "Raw" mode - when I click it, nothing happens and the shutter keeps triggering regularly as normal. My device has firmware if this makes any difference.

How is Raw mode meant to work?


I got Seek Thermal Compact Pro and used it with this program. Pretty cool stuff. Although I think my cam had too many dead pixels, so I returned it and will probably order another one.

Also I had pretty thick line of pixels with different values (I didn't see it when it was connected to phone, because conveniently it was hidden behind the bar with temperature). I didn't see anything similar in other pictures in this thread though, so probably it's due to my sensor being faulty  :( You can see it on the right.



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