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--- Quote from: APLe on November 16, 2021, 02:59:22 pm ---As far as we see in WinUSB and TC_SeekThermal.dll, we consider the offset fine. Yet the picture is terrible.
By the way, some years ago you said, that you have the plan of making your program open source. So could we probably look to your source codes? We would be grateful for this, because it looks like we make only a little error, but this bug makes terrible results.

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If i look at my time to work on this project i guess it will be better to allow other to improve this too.

But i already have an very basic display example here, it's an easier small project and it is a better area to figure out what's going wrong:

--- Quote from: flyingfishfinger on November 30, 2021, 09:45:51 pm ---I have a Seek Compact Pro, which generally works fine. However, I am unclear on how to use "Raw" mode - when I click it, nothing happens and the shutter keeps triggering regularly as normal. My device has firmware if this makes any difference.

How is Raw mode meant to work?

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Raw means the Camera initialized with "image processing mode" byte 1 instead of 8. But this sadly don't work for the Seek pro.
Maybe the Raw mode was a "not closed debug access" at the compact version. Anyway, the Seek pro has not a known Raw mode yet, sorry.

--- Quote from: mr_pedro on December 03, 2021, 01:10:55 am ---Also I had pretty thick line of pixels with different values (I didn't see it when it was connected to phone, because conveniently it was hidden behind the bar with temperature). I didn't see anything similar in other pictures in this thread though, so probably it's due to my sensor being faulty  :( You can see it on the right.

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Is this line there on each connect? Have you tried other applications like "SeekOFix"?
Do they show the same?

best regards

I have a Seek Compact Pro that I'm trying to get working on a Windows 10 laptop but am having problems installing the driver it shows in Device manager as Unknown USB device (Descriptor Request Failed) and zadig fails to install a driver. Extensive Googling hasn't thrown up anything definitive, has anyone else had this issue?

First, wow, this is amazing. Thank you for putting all this effort and sharing your software.
I am interested in doing post-analysis and doing some clean up work on Seek ShotPro .hir files, probably in julia or matlab.

You mentioned some details on what you found in the example file back in 2019:

--- Quote from: joe-c on May 05, 2019, 09:44:19 pm ---Hello,
interesting... a 2.5Mb file compressed to 0.8Mb.

i attach what i found. seems to be a stored jpg file with attached raw frame and visual frame (with Y map followed by color data).

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From the pictures I gathered and guess:
- JFIF container that has JPEG data at the usual location with the completely processed picture. (noisy bit on Screen_2)
- Then a block with radiometric data stored as a bitmap (unsigned 16bit, 320x240)
- Then a block with intensity visual data stored as a bitmap
- Further blocks with color visual data (YCbCr I suppose?)

Am I correct on this?
I suppose the bitmap encoding also explains the unexpected high compression ratio for a jpeg file?

How do you convert the 16bit data to temperature? Was the colormap & min/max temperature stored in the .hir file as well?

Is there support for Infiray T2L camera? Or hope for it in the future? :)


Seek thermal with Device FW:
Unfortunately even with debug or it doesn't work, as well as with Seek Thermal .net v001 binary.
While SeekOFix 0.4 works fine. Replaced debug 0.1/0.2 dll's using SeekOFix ones either didn't helped.


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