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I have a seek compact with FW: and I managed to get to work in Temp mode either through the TC_SeekThermal.dll or directly through SeekThermal tab in Thermovision.
However, the raw mode never works, the camera either hangs or there is no change in shutter's behaviour (it keeps clikcing every 8 seconds).

I wanted to ask if anyone knows whether in the newer firmwares  raw mode has been disabled?
I've had a go at playing around with the formulas in "Seek_SendInit(bool RawMode)" and it seems that many of them make no difference / are now redundant (i've commented them out) and only one of them is needed to initialise the camera ( device.ControlTransferOut(65, 60, 0, 0, new byte[2] { 1, 0 });) , which suggests the interface has been simplified?
Does anyone have any suggestion how to find out a new way to enable raw on seek compact (as device.ControlTransferOut(65, 62, 0, 0, new byte[2] { 1, 0 }) no longer works) without resoorting to time consuming trial and error?
Also, does Map Cal make any sense in Temp mode?



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