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I recently ordered a infiray c200, do you have plans to add support for the datafiles (IRG) it generates?
Last couple of days I've been making some attempts to decode what is what in these files, I think I have a rough idea of what is what in the data.

Hello. Sorry for not writing on topic. I'm new here and don't quite understand how to post my question on the forum. Please tell me if you can help me. I have Flir E86. When I turn it on, why do I have a logo on the screen, a loading animation on the black screen, and nothing else happens? It won't load further. The firmware has been updated, the memory card is working. Batteries are fully charged. Thanks in advance for your understanding and reply.


--- Quote from: joe-c on March 07, 2021, 10:35:37 pm ---I have a Debug version with UTi260B/UTi85A support:

--- End quote ---
Is the above-mentioned support for the UTi260B now implemented into version 1.11?

I am using v1.11 right now. When I set my 260B's USB mode to Camera (not Disk), and then connect it to my M1 Max MBP running Parallels 18 and Windows 11 on ARM, I am able to see the video output feed from the 260B when I go to the Devices section of the left sidebar, and turn on Webcam B, and then choose UVC Camera.  But the output within ThermoVision 1.11 is no different than what I see in the manufacturer's UTi-Live Screen v1.58 app.  Meaning, I have no means to get completely clean thermal video or stills, entirely devoid of thermal data markings.

I was able to get Santiago's Python script to work, which strips all the data markings off still BMP images, and you can see how I accomplished that with his kind help here...

His script is neat because you can not only remove the temperature markings, but you can also change the color scheme too. However, his script doesn't work with video from the 260B though.

So my question is, can ThermoVision be used to produce clean video and stills from a UTi260B?  If so, what is the step-by-step procedure to achieve that?



--- Quote from: mike86 on December 25, 2022, 12:20:59 pm ---Will or does it support cameras like TOPDON TC001?

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Ozzi on January 21, 2023, 04:53:04 pm ---I recently ordered a infiray c200, do you have plans to add support for the datafiles (IRG) it generates?

--- End quote ---

There is software from Infiray that can open the .irg files:

Version 1.11 is being flagged by Google Drive as having a virus, and will not allow downloading. Is there a way around this?


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