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Will or does it support Fluke Mobile Thermal camera TC01A ?

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--- Quote from: Wildseyed on August 11, 2023, 06:37:32 pm ---Version 1.11 is being flagged by Google Drive as having a virus, and will not allow downloading. Is there a way around this?
--- End quote ---
Is this issue still existing? I looked at google drive and the package looks normal.
It’s known some Scanners detect here something. The only way to lower the risk of detection is remove functionality.
I have here a description in German about Virus Errors:

--- Quote from: m.abdelwanis on November 04, 2023, 07:37:18 pm ---Will or does it support Fluke Mobile Thermal camera TC01A ?
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Not yet.
I skipped Fluke Cameras because they are rare, expensive and have much noise compared to many other devices.
… maybe later, if I have time to look at there format.

Hi All,
It was really long since last version.

After reading some Licenses I decide to choose MIT now. This Software is public OpenScource now.
There still some open tasks like Infiray Camera support.
Link to source:

I have here a German description about the new Version. I see some Browsers have now an internal translation function. Hope it works:
(I had to rebuild my website after some issues with updates from my webhoster)

Here the release notes in english:
refactured Thermal Sequcence. Allow to record frames to single container file.
improved aquisition from Flir .SEQ files. Create sequence from Batch Processing.

New subwindow with improved preview and more file analysis capabilitys.
Its usable as target in Imagebrowser. Settings are stored in .TCS file

File drop panel:
If not disabled in Settings, there is a new Panel for file drop to select the target of the file. Additional infos about the file to drop was shown in panel.

Draw Raw Mode:
Implement additionalimage processing from Raw with fixed Color array. Allow higher FPS. Histogram also can be calculated from raw frames.

Moved to own Usercontrol. Has more functions and a statistic.

image sort mode selectable. add mouse selection rectangle. Mouse double click additional trigger "search images..."

Add Imgeformat support:
-add device DJI Mavic 2 Drohne read frame
-add device Nec/Keysight read frame
-improve for Bosch GTC 600 (and new formular for GTC 400)
-improve IrDecoder for Optris CSV (temperature map)
-improve optris .tiff from App
-add XarySensor device (only .XRG files now, its a own special format)

Add Camera support:
-add device optris Pi Camera

common changes:
-TempMath improve OverFlow/UnderFlow logging
-add DOG (diff of gausian) Filter
-CC Flir: add exclude FTP folder (like "StorageCard")
-add Search box to File Editor (FLIR CRC) and the Editor is no more hidden
-add parameter "-LOAD_TCS="
-show raw in "local parameter"
-16bit Tif export add "Temp Slope/Offset" mode
-AreaRange add support for search "min range"
-add variable palette color scale depth
-Label with replaced pixel on Live Temp/raw remove death pixel
-escape to cancel set measurement (skip drawing)
-change "ON/OFF" to Arrow and text color to light blue
-bugfix: open TV with stored Area, image offset adjusted
-add "open folder" link to status bar mouse menu
-add setting DevMode
-seek thermal initialisation with Operation=0
-2Point cal can use 2 MeasurePoints as input
-spot show raw replace value, not label
-bugfix: zoom south/east -> index out of range
-add driver specific temperature conversion


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