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(new pic posted, please help) Cairns Viper, self-heating, some other questions

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Hi guys.

I just got a Cairns Viper, now I have a few questions about it...

Q1. It close/open the shutter 4 cycles on every power on, is it normal?

Q2. It works well until it heat up, here's the time line in my test:

Start up.
~1 min: First NUC after boot, begin to show slight white pixels.
~8 min: The right side of the image begin to darken to a noticeable level(and growing).
~25 min: While the shadow becoming darker and wider, there begin to have white line on the right edge(FFC want to correct that)(growing thicker with each shutter action).
~41 min: I power cycled the device and the picture is very foggy, until the next NUC.
~56 min: The high-temperature warning icon shows up(see pic 1).
~1h 5 min: The black shadow and white area become much thicker(shadow is also darker), the temperature bar become full(1000 F)(see pic2)
~1h 11 min: Battery died.

There are also some other random behavior when over heating:
a. Sometimes the temperature bar shows 300 F(see pic 3).
b. Sometimes when power on while hot, there's a red symbol next to the battery, in this mode, the shutter will never trigger(see pic 4).

When I take out the "super cool" metal block, it's super hot. Is that a normal thing for old TICs? My friend's BST camera doesn't seem to have this problem.

Q3. What's the red symbol in pic4 means?

Thank you!

In a fire camera the temperature warning cam be indicating that the camera is operating in an environment that is too hot fir it to cope with and should be moved to a cooler location. That ambient temperature is measured by a sensor within the camera. If this is the case with your Viper, the over temperature alarm is actually detecting a completely different situation…. A fault within the camera is generating enough thermal energy to overheat the core ! Not a food situation. If the cooling block comes out feeling hot, that seems wrong to me but Bill_W may know more. I understood that the cooling block was intended to act as a heat soak away for the camera whilst the ambient temperature is high in order to prolong operational capability.

You would be wise to open the camera and carry out some testing to determine the source of the internal heating in case it is a fault and could cause further damage. It could be power supply related so check battery temperature and power supply temperature first. I have not worked on a Vioer so sadly cannot help much regarding its internal design. Look into the heating situation before worrying about other fault symptoms as they may stem from the cause of the self heating.


This thread from 2018 may also be of interest…

From Bill_W’s fire-tics site….

Thank you very much Fraser!
So it's not normal? Okay I'll try to fix it...
I did searched the forum and found those threads, but nobody talk about the heating problem.

--- Quote from: Fraser on September 12, 2021, 04:23:35 pm ---Look into the heating situation before worrying about other fault symptoms as they may stem from the cause of the self heating.

--- End quote ---
I know, I just think it's interesting to document it's mad behavior. ;D


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