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Guide MobIR Air Android - is it good for electronics repair?

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Do you think this thermal camera is any good to detect hot components during electronics repairs:

Guide MobIR Air Android thermal camera 120x90 USB-C

- resolution of 120x90 pixels
- range of -20 to 120 degrees C
- viewing angle of 50 degrees
- refresh rate of 25 Hz

I’m especially concerned about only showing up to 120 Celsius.

Is anyone using Guide MobIR Air?

Is Flir One Pro a better options? Or some other suggestions?


Bill W:
Not noticed it being mentioned.

From the spec though:

Plus points
No battery
No visual overlay to mess things up
Temperature measuring
Cheap for new
Vastly better than nothing

Minus points
Fixed focus *
Low pixel count
Is 'available in several colours' a red flag on allegedly 'professional' kit?
As for temperature, not as much of a concern as you'd think.  In fault finding you would not let the faulty part get to 120°C.  A quick blip of power is often enough to see overheating parts 'light up', before magic smoke time.
For hotter things it may be more of a problem, much depends on what happens to the picture over 120°C, even if the readout caps.

* You would need a secondary lens, or you'd be dealing with 'spot the hot fuzzy blob'.  Plenty on those here, mainly to fit on handheld cameras though.
Might be able to take it apart and refocus it to suit 'PCB only'

To note
50° field is pretty wide - that is fire camera spec.  OK for PCB but not ideal for the other uses they suggest.  Consider how big each pixel becomes at a given distance.
You of course need the phone attached.  Remoteing the head is not always easy - several threads on that here.

What other options depends on whether you want a 'phone attach', whether you want 'normal' as well as PCB use, is EUR140 the budget, do you want a project or 'open box & go'.


The Uni-T UTi690A / UTi120S use the same resolution, and very likely the same ‘TIMO’ imaging core from Guide Sensmart.

It would be worth looking at the UTi690A/UTi120S review on this forum as that provides images from the camera that give you a feel for it’s PCB imaging capabilities.

I agree that a 120C maximum temperature capability is not a show stopper in most PCB analysis situations. High temperature measurement becomes more of a requirement when monitoring reflow soldering if PCB and similar scenarios.

It is worth noting that the UTi690A/UTi120S is very competitively priced from China at the moment and you get a complete camera system that is not dependant upon a phone as a host.


I just checked and there is a UTi120B model that measures up to 400C. It costs almost double the price of the UTi120S though and it is only a software configuration difference !

The UTI 120S, 120B and 260B are shown in this link…..

Given the choice, I would go for the UTi260B if the budget permitted.



--- Quote from: Bill W on January 27, 2022, 03:54:48 pm ---
What other options depends on whether you want a 'phone attach', whether you want 'normal' as well as PCB use, is EUR140 the budget, do you want a project or 'open box & go'.


--- End quote ---

I thought it would be easier to be phone-attached, but I guess it is also inconvenient and hard to hold the phone with camera attached. So, I’m open to stand-alone cameras as well.

The main use would be PCB repair, but since I have it, it will be useful for other things.

Price for MobIR on that site is actually 190€ + VAT. I can extend the budget a bit for the right camera.



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