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Guide PC210 Hidden/Secret Menu!


Today I played with my Guide PC210 thermal camera and found a secret hidden menu with many settings, including RAW Y16 recording, paralax compensation setting, change FPS (25 or 9), …

To access the hidden menu:
- set language to Englisch
- select the last option ‚Camera Info‘
- when the camera infos with SN, … are shown
- press ‚Up‘ for 3 sec
- press ‚Down‘ for 3 sec
- Hidden menu shows up

Paralax compensation settings under ‚SetFusiong‘, there you can set ZoomH, ZoomW, UpDown and LeftRight in PIP Mode.

Make sure to write down the values before making changes to revert back if needed.

Lets find out about the other parameters. If you find any please post your findings here.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risc! I‘m not responsible for any damage of your camera!

Nice discovery  :-+


Nice finding. Hopefully they can "pull" some features to regular menu.


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