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Guide PC210 thermal camera - (anyone) <=(I am) familiar with this device?

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--- Quote from: IAmBack on June 09, 2022, 07:21:49 pm ---New firmware for this camera is available on eleshop site.
Flashing procedure is described in file included to the download.
There's a problem with name of the file (one have to remove "(1)" from the filename), but otherwise update works ok - it takes less than 2 minutes. White light is on during whole update process (when name of the file is incorrect, the flash blinks for a second only.
It looks that manual range modes are working ok now.
Also rescale to 1200x1600 has been added.
Now only paralax removal is missing (vs UTi260b)...

--- End quote ---

Thank you for sharing this !  :-+
No problem to follow the info in the .txt file, my PC210 has been updated fine  8) -- about after 30s for me.

But, I wasn't expecting to see the firmware update on Eleshop  ??? (I have bought mine here too)

I bought the PC210 at Eleshop some days ago and updated the FW without problems.
Beside the paralax offset and the ‚strange‘ M-Mode all is good after short testing.

I also 3D printed the macro lens adapter and bought a lens at amazon.

See the attached macro images of some RPi 3 areas.

I have bought this bag:

As the 260b is bigger than the PC210, I think it will be good for it  :-+


--- Quote ---I'm currently designing and drawing with Fusion 360, but Autodesk is restricting the free version more and more. So I'm currently looking at Solid Edge 2022 from Simens, it's free for Makers (Community edition).
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Yes that sucks! I have used OpenSCAD for many of my projects. It's more programming of a model then designing but that has also a few advanteages... Give it a try:


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