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Guide PC210 thermal camera - (anyone) <=(I am) familiar with this device?

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--- Quote from: IAmBack on June 09, 2022, 07:21:49 pm ---New firmware for this camera is available on eleshop site.
Flashing procedure is described in file included to the download.
There's a problem with name of the file (one have to remove "(1)" from the filename), but otherwise update works ok - it takes less than 2 minutes. White light is on during whole update process (when name of the file is incorrect, the flash blinks for a second only.
It looks that manual range modes are working ok now.
Also rescale to 1200x1600 has been added.
Now only paralax removal is missing (vs UTi260b)...

--- End quote ---

Thank you for sharing this !  :-+
No problem to follow the info in the .txt file, my PC210 has been updated fine  8) -- about after 30s for me.

But, I wasn't expecting to see the firmware update on Eleshop  ??? (I have bought mine here too)

I bought the PC210 at Eleshop some days ago and updated the FW without problems.
Beside the paralax offset and the ‚strange‘ M-Mode all is good after short testing.

I also 3D printed the macro lens adapter and bought a lens at amazon.

See the attached macro images of some RPi 3 areas.

I have bought this bag:

As the 260b is bigger than the PC210, I think it will be good for it  :-+


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